Date Title File
Sunday 5/25/2014 Adult Bible School
Sunday Evening 5/18/2014 Fabrication and Falsehoods in the Midst of the Fellowship!
Sunday 5/18/2014 The Testing of Faith-A Necessity for Christian Growth!
Sunday 5/18/2014 Adult Bible School
Wednesday 5/14/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday Evening 5/11/2014 The Motivation of Godly Fear!
Sunday 5/11/2014 Adult Bible School
Wednesday 5/07/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday Evening 5/04/2014 Spirit-filled Giving! Part II
Sunday 5/04/2014 The Compassionate Care of Christ!
Sunday 5/04/2014 Adult Bible School
Wednesday 4/30/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday Evening 4/27/2014 Spirit-filled Giving!
Sunday 4/27/2014 Don't Forget Jerusalem!-Pastor Jim Thomas
Sunday 4/27/2014 Adult Bible School
Wednesday 4/23/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday Morning 4/20/2014 Living in the Power of Christ's Resurrection!
Sunday Evening 4/20/2014 The Power of Prayer
Wednesday 4/16/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday 4/13/2014 Adult Bible School-Donny Rice
Sunday 4/13/2014 Hell: A Three Part Punishment--Robert Ward
Wednesday 4/09/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service-Jason DePue
Sunday 4/06/2014 Adult Bible School
Sunday 4/06/2014 Christ's Preparation and Provision in Sending Forth the Twelve!
Sunday 4/06/2014 The Enclosed Garden, Part III
Sunday 4/02/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday 3/30/2014 Adult Bible School
Sunday 3/30/2014 The Light of the World is Jesus!
Sunday 3/30/2014 An Enclosed Garden, Part II
Sunday 3/23/2014 An Enclosed Garden!
Sunday 3/23/2014 The Wonderful Works Of God!
Sunday 3/23/2014 Adult Bible School
Wednesday 3/19/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday 3/16/2014 Lord's Day Evening
Sunday 3/16/2014 Chaos, Commotion, and Compassion!
Sunday 3/16/2014 Adult Bible School
Saturday 3/15/2014 Radio Program
Wednesday 3/12/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday 3/9/2014 Lord's Day Evening
Sunday 3/9/2014 The Seven Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven and This Present Age! Part 3
Sunday 3/9/2014 Adult Bible School
Saturday 3/8/2014 Radio Program
Wednesday 3/5/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday 3/2/2014 Lord's Day Evening
Sunday 3/2/2014 The Seven Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven and This Present Age! Part 2
Sunday 3/2/2014 Adult Bible School
Saturday 3/1/2014 Radio Program
Sunday 2/23/2014 Lord's Day Evening
Sunday 2/23/2014 The Seven Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven and This Present Age! Part 1
Sunday 2/23/2014 Adult Bible School
Saturday 2/22/2014 Radio Program
Wednesday 2/19/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday 2/16/2014 Lord's Day Evening
Sunday 2/16/2014 The Deception, Defilement, and Destruction of Fornication - Part 3
Sunday 2/16/2014 Adult Bible School
Wednesday 2/14/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday 2/9/2014 Lord's Day Evening
Sunday 2/9/2014 The Deception, Defilement, and Destruction of Fornication - Part 2
Saturday 2/8/2014 Radio Program
Sunday 2/2/2014 Lord's Day Evening
Sunday 2/2/2014 The Deception, Defilement, and Destruction of Fornication - Part 1
Sunday 2/2/2014 Adult Bible School
Saturday 2/1/2014 Radio Program
Wednesday 1/29/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday 1/26/2014 Lord's Day Morning
Sunday 1/26/2014 Adult Bible School
Sunday 1/19/2014 Lord's Day Evening
Sunday 1/19/2014 Lord's Day Morning
Sunday 1/19/2014 Adult Bible School
Wednesday 1/15/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday 1/12/2014 Lord's Day Morning
Sunday 1/12/2014 Adult Bible School
Wednesday 1/08/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service
Sunday 1/5/2014 Lord's Day Evening
Sunday 1/5/2014 The Balm of Holiness and the Sweetness of True Fellowship
Sunday 1/5/2014 Adult Bible School
Saturday 1/4/2013 Radio Program
Wednesday 1/1/2014 Wednesday Prayer Service