"...Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

Southern Palawan Ministries - Brooke's Point Bible Church

Palawan Minstries

Pastor Marc Chery * P.O. Box 2723 * Port-au-Prince, Haiti W.I.

Pastor Marc has endeared us to himself for the intense love and burden that he has for his people of Haiti. He is involved in the building and starting of schools for the children. He also is involved in Church planting. He has a ministry called Sponsor a Child. By pledging so much each month, you can help the child attend school, along with furnishing the child's supplies and some clothing.

David & Tule Cox * Mexico City, Mexico

David and Tule Cox have an Evangelism and Church Planting ministry. They are fundamental, separated and proven missionaries. Their home church is the Orlando Bible Church. They have two children, Kelsie and Russ.

David and Elwanda Fields * Box 1082 Karatina * Kenya, East Africa

David and Elwanda are veteran missionaries who are the parents of Sandy Washer, another of the missionaries we support. They are faithful in labor and prayer support for not only their local people, but also for we who labor in the states. IFM Missions

Terry and Sandy Washer * Kenya, East Africa

Terry and Sandy both grew up on the mission field and when they married went back to the land in which they served. Some of their children are following their lead and are serving in Africa, while the others attend school. The Washers have recently relocated from Zambia, where they labored for many years, to Kenya. IFM Missions